Every great leader starts by defining the culture of his or her team. The culture is determined by spending time thinking about the mission, vision and company values of the organization. Every leader should make plenty of time to do this!

The Vision is the “Strategic Intent” of the business owner or senior management – it should be considered the ultimate goal or the “99 year” outlook of the company or division. It should capture the essence of success, is stable over time and is deeply motivating to the organization at all levels. The vision should also be stretched ensuring that the attainment of the vision result in the company meandering through a journey towards its goals, the Japanese have a word which encapsulates this journey “Kaizen” which simply means, the constant improvement towards perfection.

The Mission is a realistic, credible, and attractive description of your ideal organization. It is a carefully formulated statement of intentions that defines why the business exists, how the business will maintain and increase its competitive advantage, and how the business will treat the other businesses and people that it comes in contact with. The right Mission and Vision when combined are so powerful that they can literally jumpstart the future of an organization. Creating a laser-like focus and calling forth energies, talents and resources make great things happen. A great Mission attracts commitment and energizes people by providing a significant challenge worthy of their very best efforts. Introducing potential new members of your team at the recruitment level to your companies vision and mission and values are critical in ensuring you match the right people who would ideally subscribe to your companies ethos. The key benefit to having a living breathing document of ideals in your business ensures to that constant attention and realignment is given to these ideals.

The values / points of culture or culture statement defines and brings together the above-mentioned ideals of the business, these set of values are intended to clearly outline the “behavior” or personality of the business and help contribute to the “rules of the game” for staff to align within your organization and ultimately how your business plays the game of business.

Some might ask why is all this important? Simply if the business is not clear on its destination, direction or objective in it’s chosen market then it cannot be expected to grow and realise its full potentials therein. Defining or refining your vision, mission and points of culture early on is the first step in succeeding business.